Ground Zero

climate 1

The search for sustainability.image courtesy by Keoni Cabral.under cc license.

The count down is on, this Sunday at 10:30 Channel Africa will attempt to start rewriting the book of revelations. Connected with all majors capital cities in the world with the most prominent experts in their fields like former USA Vice-President Al Gore, we will reverse the course of climate change on earth. we are leading the way by inviting all our listeners and every human being to be a part of the solution of one of the biggest disaster earth has ever faced. It a conversation among human being to save our planet and every living being on its surface. Live on our channel and audio streaming participate via our facebook and twitter accounts.

See one of the latest tweet of former US Vice-president Al Gore on Climate change.



Renown guests on our show this Sunday at 10:00 am to tackle the issue of climate change. We will be talking to former US Vice-President Al Gore and experts from all over the world to find solutions to what has been described as the beginning of the Apocalypse.


1/The question is, isn’t it too late to turn down the clock of this coming catastrophe?

2/ I need to find out what is that I can do at my level to contribute to solve this problem.

3/ Some people say that climate change is the result of degeneration of human being manners, what is your take?

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